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SIMRAD Navigation Package and Full System Upgrade for Fleet Vessel SPIRIT.


Mandurah Marine Electrical has commissioned MANDURAH VOLUNTEER MARINE RESCUE GROUP's fleet vessel SPIRIT with a full upgrade of the latest technologies in SIMRAD navigation electronics. The vessel will undertake a refurb inside and out including a facelift to be completed by late January 2017. 



When its lives at stake under the unpredictable great ocean of ours, Marine Rescue is your first and only point of call, as a Mandurah community member please support volunteer Marine Rescue Groups and donate generously at various locations in your community. Contact (08) 9535 4789 to support this vital community resource.


Commissioning of Simrad Package - September 2016

This is a long-awaited upgrade for SPIRIT with the latest touch screen technology and radar allowing the improved efficiency to the group's response and rescue time. Simon Noble from Mandurah Marine Electrical will oversee the supply, install and sea trial of SIMRAD navigation technologies represented as SIMRAD's Certified Western Australian Technician. 


Sea Trials - December 2016

The commission and sea trials all went to plan including the handover of the Simrad Service and Support Plan. 


Hand Over at VMR Mandurah WA - August 2017

Hand over was presented upon completion of works with Chief VMR Officer David and Chief Skipper John on board at VMR Mandurah's headquarter location.