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Volunteer Marine Rescue Broome

Full System Upgrades for Sea Rescue Vessel Redbill II


Broome Volunteer Sea Rescue vessel Redbill II was recently commissioned by Mandurah Marine Electrical for full system upgrades in SIMRAD marine technologies.


Redbill II 10 yr refurb - April 2016 

Redbill II vessel made the journey to Perth for an upgrade of full electrics and structures including a state of the art SIMRAD package with the latest technologies.

The upgrade will increase Redbill's rescue capabilities providing a high quality rescue service to the recreational and commercial maritime community of Broome  - providing a vital service for the community.


"We are proud to be associated with Broome's Sea Rescue group and look forward to sea trial and handover." Simon Noble.


Henderson update - May 2016 

Redbill II has made its way to Henderson for the supply and installation of its new SIMRAD TECHNOLOGIES including a new 4G Broadband Radar®, Communications Package and Echosounder. A replacement vessel VMR-600 “Sardam” has been appointed to VMR Broome's fleet to aid in rescue operations whilst they are without Redbill II. The refit will take place over 2 months in Henderson Western Australia. 


Vessel returns to VMR Broome - June 2016

Redbill II has made its way back to its home port in Broome, sea trials were conducted and the group are thrilled to have her back at their disposal for rescue operations once again.


SIMRAD® Service and Support Plan


VMR Broome has been provided with an after Service and Support Plan developed by our technitian Simon being the leading Western Australian Certified Technitian for SIMRAD® as part of after service installation.


Andrew May - Commander, VMR Broome WA


“It is an extensive rebuild... including a state of the art Simrad 
Electronics package which will greatly enhance Redbill’s rescue capabilities”.