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Port Walcott Volunteer Marine Rescue is commissioned for a new Simrad navigation package.


Pilbara Seeker III - Dedicated Marine Rescue Vessel


Decommission and Refit - January 2017

Pilbara Seeker III has been ongoing a full refit of Marine Navigation Electronics proudly commissioned by Mandurah Marine Electrical, the vessel is decommissed with existing technologies to get ready for the refurb.


SIMRAD Marine Electronics - update

The Pilbara Seeker III has works carried out in the port of Bunbury, Western Australia where our technician carries out the installation of the new Simrad navigation package.

The fleet vessel is showing some progress and is now showing off her new Simrad Yachting Pulse Compression Halo Radar.  


Marine Electronics Package - August 2017

Simon carries out further installation works at the hard stand located at Mandurah Ocean Marina, Mandurah WA.