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West Pilbara Volunteer Sea Search & Rescue Group Dampier

New Navigation Technolgies


Fleet vessel North West Shelf Venturer - Dedicated SAR vessel.



Fleet vessel Air Rider 930 named the North West Shelf Venturer is a 9.3m hull purpose built search and rescue sea vessel. she is to undergo a complete package of marine navigation and rescue technologies, engines and communications.


Pre Installation and Decommission - June 2017

Simon will be on location in Dampier Western Australia for a week of decommissioning and to provide supply and install of SIMRAD Marine Technologies. 

Work began inside the shed at VMR West Pilbara's premises to firstly decommission the swap out of Furuno on the Air Rider 930.


Post Installation - June 2017

The North West Shelf Adventurer recieved a fully integrated SIMRAD Marine Technolgies package using the latest NSS Evo2 system.


Commissioning and Sea Trials - June 2017

Sea Trials went to plan conducted on the busy harbour whilst adjusting to the constant strong Easterlys.